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Best apps to read books for free in United Kingdom in 2022

Best apps to read books for free in United Kingdom in 2022

1. Readability: This app was made specifically for reading books that are free to read for free and are not available in print books. This is a brilliant way to read books without paying for them. It also has one of the best design of any app I have tried.

It’s super easy to read the app although it doesn’t have a very good design. This helps to explain why it was designed in such a way for reading books with no paid service.

2. Delphyder: Delphyder is another nice little app for reading books that are free to read for free. This app is very easy to use though its design doesn’t really allow you to read the books or decide what books to read. This all depends on how much time you intend to use the app and read books for free.

The app can be downloaded and also you can install the app as well.

3. Readylab: Readylab also gives you access to all the free books in the world though you can’t look them up. You can’t even read hardcover books from the app as this simply doesn’t exist in the app.

However, the books are available to read offline so you get a bit of an experience which doesn’t always make sense. The free books look good in the app though, you can even see the fonts. The books look super usable and have a nice clean design.

4. Kindle: Kindle also gives you access to all the free books. However, you can’t decide which book to read as you can only have the books in your library. The apps no content to see though. However, the books look great and you can get content on the app.

The design is very consistent compared to other apps and the choices that Amazon has made are impressive. Reading books in the app is really a joy. The fonts are smooth and easy to read. The scannable message of free content is definitely very effective.

5. Digitaltobook: Digitaltobook also has free access to all the free books in the world though you can’t decide which book to read. It really does look beautiful and text is impeccable.

The fonts are really nice as well as the fonts that are just basic yet amazing. The designs are really nice on the site though it’s not flashy.

It’s easy to use but a little unwieldy as there’s a link with the covers of the books in the app. You have to click it to see the books but not the cover pages as it can be annoying.

6. Scarecrow: This app is also great as you can click on the apps cover and go straight to reading books. However, the app doesn’t make a lot of suggestions to you and if you’re looking for more books, you have to go straight to the main page.

Reading books through is super simple. You just have to click on the page before reading the cover pages to read the book. This is great as you don’t have to read the actual pages.

However, we did find that the homepage looks like this once we started reading.

7. TheatreReader: TheatreReader is good if you want to do a bit of work at home. To start reading, there’s a button which will direct you to the main page. To sort through a book, you can highlight from the top so that it will load a little later. You can also simply swipe through the pages.

The icon design itself is really nice and the font looks really good. However, you have to spend a little bit of time scrolling around to get through the books. The design of the app isn’t really as high quality as the previous apps as you can see that the cover design of the books looks a bit basic.

Still, the app is an incredible app to use and gives you great content. The UI is also surprisingly simple. We did find that the looks pretty good though.


These are my top three for reading books for free and reading books without paying. These apps are designed and designed for reading books, though they do have some issues that make you want to explore other apps.

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